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Mars Mineral specializes in agitation pelletizing with pin agglomerators and disc pelletizers or deep drum pelletizers. This is a process that converts fine dusts and powders into spherical- shaped pellets. This process is accomplished without the need of pressure or heat, but rather an agitation of the material in the presence of a binder, usually just water. This action forms "seed" pellets that can be as small as 50 mesh, increasing in size up to 1" diameter.

The benefits of pelletizing include the elimination of fine dust particles and the improvement of material flowability and densifying. This results in reduced worker exposure to dust particles, improved environmental conditions in your plant, the ability to recycle, reuse or produce a saleable product, or simply to provide a non-dusty product for disposal.

This pelletizing method has been widely accepted in various industries, including steel, foundry, chemical, mining, cement, lime and fertilizer.

To provide the best pelletizing device for your application, Mars Mineral offers the following services to test your material, evaluate the results and manufacture pelletizers or pelletizing systems.

Material Testing

Mars Mineral maintains a complete testing laboratory facility that is equipped to pelletize materials from a few pounds sample through a few tons. The test equipment ranges from bench scale through pilot scale sizes.

Equipment Rental

Once testing is completed, equipment is available for onsite testing and/or pilot scale operation. This arrangement allows for the customer to produce a large quantity of pellets for evaluation, plant trials and sustained runs. This also provides a time for the operators to gain knowledge in the operation of the pelletizing equipment.

Equipment Manufacturing

Mars Mineral manufactures its own pelletizing equipment and related components in our 50,000-sq.-ft. factory. This enables complete control over the quality of our equipment.

Pelletizing Systems

Our extensive experience in the field of pelletizing has given us the background to meet the requirements of a totally integrated pelletizing system. We use this experience in the selection of the many components of a system that are integrated for a successful installation. Our engineering group works closely with various vendors to provide components that are proven in the field and are controlled by state-of-the-art electrical systems.

Pelletizing Solutions

Mars Mineral brings the customers material, pelletizing requirement, our complete testing capabilities and Mars' solid engineering and technical support staff together to arrive at a smart solution.

Mars Mineral • Po Box 719 • Mars, PA 16046 • tel:724-538-3000 • fax:724-538-5078 • info@marsmineral.com

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