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  1. Material Information

  2. Is your material a mixture?*
  3. If yes, what are the specific components and what are their percentages:
  4. Is the material hazardous?*
  5. Do you have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?*
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  2. Does contact with water or other common chemicals have a detrimental effect on your material?*
  3. If yes, please explain.
  4. Are there any common environmental conditions that are detrimental to your product, such as exposure to given temperatures, etc.?*
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  1. Sieve Analysis of the raw material

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  10. Please give an example of particle consistency, such as flour, sand, fibers, lumps, etc.*
  1. Test Objectives

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  3. Do you require scale up data?*
  4. Do you require more than a liter of sample pellets?*
  5. If yes, what quantity of finished sample pellets do you require?
  1. Target Pellets

  2. Please describe the finished pellets that you want to produce.
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  1. Please note any other special qualities that are required of the finished pellets, such as compression or drop strength or attrition loss resistance.
  2. What is the general end use of your pellets? For example, will the pellets be recycled, packaged for a customer, or processed for disposal, etc.?
  3. Water is the binder of choice, at least to establish a base for gauging the affect of other binding agents. Several binders are available for evaluation. Do you have a particular binder preference or knowledge of a binder or additive that may add value to your pellet?
  4. What is the design production capacity in tons per hour?

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